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  • AMD vs. INTEL: Battle of the beasts to be part of your first gaming CPU

AMD vs. INTEL: Battle of the beasts to be part of your first gaming CPU

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AMD vs. INTEL: Battle of the beasts to be part of your first gaming CPU

The popular saying- “without passion, you are already dead”, stands true to its core when it comes to gaming. If you love gaming and are upbeat about getting your first gaming CPU built, then it is essential that you select a beast of a processor and then decide for the motherboard you will need. Every other part of your gaming pc will be affected by the choice you make here. This blog will shed light on two best brands and what they have on offer for the ones who live for gaming.

AMD and Intel are ruling the buyer’s market as both of them offer amazing specifications as well as great prices which enhance the competition between the two. The market is rife with products for the gamer on a budget as well as the person who is an enthusiast in gaming. Here’s the best of both world merged together for your better understanding and decision making-

AMD’s Ryzen

Launched in 2017, it created frenzy in the market due to the high core, thread count and affordable cost. Ryzen line of processor sparked life in AMD’s CPU line which was lagging far behind Intel, in terms of multithreading and speed. Enhanced clock speed (not at par with Intel though) along with multithreading of Ryzen brought AMD back in the gaming CPU market. If you go through the variety that Ryzen processors have in their range then surely you can notice that they have got one for every budget (yes, they did compromise a few threads here and there). The clock speed of AMD Ryzen processor reaches 3 GHz most of the times and with precision boost they can max reach 3.8 GHz. Ryzen 5 1600x leaves every model behind as its clock speed touches 4.0 GHZ and even more with the threadripper into play. All the processors are unlocked to allow over clocking by the user later.

Intel’s core

Until the coming of AMD’s Ryzen line, Intel processors were the direct choice for any gaming CPU. With high clock speeds and multithreading on offer, Intel has been dominating the market for a long period of time. Nothing has changed even after the launch of Ryzen line as Intel continues to offer higher clock speeds and multithreading. If all you want is to push the CPU to perform faster, Intel is the ultimate choice over AMD. Though the base clock speeds are lower, when turbo boost takes over, it clocks up significantly.

On the other hand, AMD’s Ryzen is a great choice for enthusiasts who are on a budget. It allows overclocking in every model, unlike Intel which offers the overclocking feature only in its models that have X or K in their name. When it comes to upgradability and chipsets, Ryzen processors are forwards and backwards compatible. You can use a newer generation Ryzen with a motherboard chipset of other generation, the performance remains the same. However, with an Intel processor, the upgrades and chipsets are limited to generation specific. Your 7th generation core CPU will never work in a chipset with an 8th generation core CPU.

For gaming, Ryzen is meant for getting a system on a low budget while Intel is surely a value for money. If you want 4k gaming then Intel remains the top choice. For immersive gaming experience, a quad-core set up with four to eight threads will do great. However, if streaming and creating live content from your games is on mind then you should opt for more cores in the CPU.

We really hope this blog curated your thoughts better and helped to make a choice for your first gaming CPU.

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