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  • Elf Of Luck! Facebook Viral Post, What Is Elf? Is it truth or not?

Elf Of Luck! Facebook Viral Post, What Is Elf? Is it truth or not?

Elf Of Luck

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Elf Of Luck! Facebook Viral Post, What Is Elf? Is it truth or not?

It is known that something good will happen the next day with those who will share this picture. So does one think it’s specialized or is there some satanic aspect to it? So who is this Elf? What is the reason behind it being viral? According to German mythology, this ELF is like a human being. But they are not human beings like us. They have some magical supernatural powers.

But there are two sorts of Elf, a white Elf, and a black Elf. White Elf benefit things with good people, help them, help them reach their goals. And fulfills all the desires of the mind. And the ones that are black Elf they do very badly with people. They even harm people, they all want to see who is in trouble, they even force people to commit suicide.

You may have seen such pictures before, but you’ll not remember, as seen within the movie Harry Potter. It is even known that a lot of European families bury Elf in their homes in order that something good always happens to their family. Now God knows what is the truth?

According to German mythology, when a person is in danger or when their time is very bad, they usually worship this Elf. We’ve seen Elf in some mysterious movies, or games, even at Christmas with Santa.
Many Elf dolls also are selling for such huge popularity. And as these Elf images go viral, a few more Elf images are added to make them look like this.

It is said that she has come to vary his fortune. Once you share this picture, luck is in your hands. As you would like , no, it means you’ll get a lottery for one share. Corona, What is this Corona! All this may be seized in a moment if you share this picture.

However, this old mother also has a family. Pictures of a number of his other friends have spread on Facebook. Where have they been for so long? Why did you suddenly come to Facebook? Did the plight of the people call them? Is there an answer to all this?
But now you judge for yourself. Do you really think that this stuff need help to vary your destiny? Do you really think that sharing this one photo on Facebook will change your destiny? Be sure to leave us a comment.

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