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Whatsapp Dark mode arrives in latest android beta

Whatsapp Dark mode arrives in latest android beta

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Whatsapp Dark mode arrives in latest android beta

Let the darkness befall on our eyes that have been blinded by the glaring sparkles of brightness. Not literally, but Facebook has rolled out the latest Dark theme of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Dark mode, their own battery-saving update, which had been under development for quite some time now on January 2020. Presently it will be available on all android beta devices and to activate yours you would need to go the chat option in the settings and click on the dark mode. Well, that’s good news for ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, who have been wondering all these while on how to approach Facebook and let them know that their glaring white screens were hurting their eyes and draining their batteries when they went under the surveillance and texted underneath the blanket.Whatsapp Dark mode arrives in latest android beta

So what is this dark mode on WhatsApp and what will happen if we were to embrace their inner darkness? Well, according to FaceBook owned WhatsApp, the dark mode will replace it’s existing green-grey palette into shades of dark midnight blue and black, one that will be more energy-efficient as well as more soothing for the eyes in low light if it were to feature on your OLED panel display. However, the update comes as no surprise since almost all other apps in the messages and communication category in both Android and Ios platform are already ahead and have introduced a dark themed background for quite some time.

So now if you are absolutely certain that you want to channel your inner darkness on screen and wondering how, then take a deep breath and wait for a few minutes, because for now, it is only available on beta tester versions of Android. And according to WABetainfo to check it out for yourself, you would need to download and install the Android Beta from the Google Beta Testing Program. Alternatively, if for some reason you are unable to instal from the program, then you would have sideloaded the beta v.2.20.16 from the APK mirror.

WhatsApps primary rivals, namely, Facebook messenger and Telegram currently have their own version of the dark mode which is nothing new but they get the job done. But in the context of WhatsApp, this application allows less customisation and personalisation options. The screengrabs have confirmed this speculation. The average responses from the average joes like us have been mostly positive but the accessibility has been a prevalent issue with many users reporting compatibility issues with their current mobile hardware.

The introduction to the WhatsApp dark mode is one among many upcoming announcements from Facebook-owned WhatsApp. The feature of setting text for auto-deletion is poised to come next. Together they will redefine the whole WhatsApp experience from 2020 onwards. Once the beta testing is over, indistinct internet chatter has hinted at a possible feature extension onto the WhatsApp desktop client and WhatsAppWeb services. It sure will reinvigorate WhatsApp‘s status on a novelty and utility-scale which is keeping with the market trends and relevance.

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