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Android 10 new features and everything you need to know

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Android 10 new features and everything you need to know

Waking up in the morning, we check our beloved mobile hidden under the pillows. Be it a meme or a business schedule, we all love to check our device at least once.

We also love to keep our phones charged and updated and so here, it has been updated to the latest version of Android 10. Google was official with dessert names for the past years and now they have skipped it and brought a brand new title into it. Yes, it’s boring, but it’s all part of the big Google family.

For the first time since 2014, Google’s refreshing the Android brand’s look and feel, consisting of a redesigned logo that prominently features a green robot head and whenever you see the Android logo text, you’ll now also see that little robot popping out of it.

Now what’s new in it? We all must be curious about it right? Well, we have got a beautiful Dark Mode out of it which eases on eyes and yeah, we miss out on beloved back button, which we were used to. That was iconic right? The newer version of Android 10 is much safer with updated privacy enhancements and better security from before with some improved share menus, which are cheese easy to transfer files among others. There’s a new Ambient Display feature which now surfaces info intelligently, and you can now block spam messages based on keywords. Live Caption will be able to provide real-time captions for just about anything on your smartphone where someone is talking, and the best part is that it happens locally on-device and is absolutely free!

Now if you are a fan of foldable phones too, this operating system is supportable with much better features and functionalities. You will be loving it once your device start rolling out the new android out into you device and you can’t wait to breath new life into your beast.

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