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WhatsApp Found Using Microphone in Background, Company Blames Issue on Android Bug

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Recently, WhatsApp users have reported a concerning issue – the app is using their device’s microphone in the background without permission. Many users have expressed their concerns about privacy and security, leading to questions about why this is happening and who is responsible.

After investigating the issue, WhatsApp has come forward with an explanation. According to the company, the problem is caused by an Android bug that affects multiple apps. The bug causes the device’s microphone to remain active when the app is closed, resulting in background noise being picked up unknowingly.

WhatsApp has assured users that they are not recording conversations or using the audio for any other purpose. However, this explanation has not been enough to ease the concerns of some users, who are worried about the potential for their conversations to be recorded and shared without their knowledge.

While the issue is believed to be caused by an Android bug, WhatsApp has taken steps to address the problem. The app has released an update that will prevent the microphone from remaining active in the background, even when the app is closed. This update should resolve the issue for users who have experienced it.

In the age of increasing concerns about privacy and data security, this incident highlights the importance of being vigilant about the apps we use and the permissions we grant them. Users should always read the terms and conditions of any app they download and consider the potential risks before granting permissions such as access to the microphone or camera.

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