New AI Tool Could Revolutionize the Way We Diagnose and Treat Genetic Diseases

Google DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google focused on artificial intelligence (AI), has developed a new AI tool that can predict whether genetic mutations are harmful. This tool, called AlphaMissense, could revolutionize the way that we diagnose and treat genetic diseases. AlphaMissense works by analyzing the DNA sequence of a mutation and comparing it to a database of known mutations. The...[ read more ]

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SynthID: Watermarking & Identifying AI-Generated Images

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to the development of new and powerful tools for creating realistic images. These tools, such as Imagen, can be used to create images that are indistinguishable from real photographs. This has raised concerns about the potential for these images to be used to spread misinformation and disinformation. One way to address this...[ read more ]

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